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Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO

Voting system i need hundreds of sms to win a competition

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 09:16 PM PST

hey any of you can help me help a friend win a model competition? we need to send hundreds of sms's to a number so she can win the people model award? - whats the prices?

FBI raids Texas colocation facility in ***** DDoS probe

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 09:14 PM PST

saw this posted..15 days old but it got me thinking...

The agent's affidavit seeks permission to probe any of Tailor Made's machines. "Based on my experience and training, I know that companies providing co-location facilities do not always label or externally identify the computer servers at their facilities with their IP address," the document notes.
"Once the desired computer system has been identified, no other computer systems will be checked."

should it be legal to check any/all systems on a network to possibly find one person?

comment i saw

Can someone tell me how this is not akin to the FBI obtaining a search warrant for an entire neighborhood and then saying..

"Ok, we're going to search each and every house in this neighborhood for the gun used in a murder. We'll only search until we find the house hiding the weapon, after that no other houses will be checked."

How can this even be considered reasonable?

better link:

Should I switch my whole website ? :O

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 09:10 PM PST

Hey people ,

I have a website ,which was my first website which is 2 years old .. I have built it using frontpage & html stuff.

It looks a lil bit ugly , bringing me ~7$ a day lol

It gets traffic mainly from SEO ..

What I did before a while (laziness) is that I redirected all the pages (but the homework) to 1 of its pages.

I did that because I had no time to check broken links etc , the site's homepage is PR3 , another page is pr3 (which i redirected all the pages to) and I remember (before redirection) I hade some pr 1 & 2 pages..

So my question dear friends , should I rebuild it and install wordpress ?? Will I keep my serp and pr ??
Or what exactly ? :D Thanx

Found on internet 10k names with address, phone

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 08:48 PM PST

I found a list of with names, email, address, phone, ip address when doing a google search.

Wondering if someone may have use for it and how I may be able to make some money with it. Maybe to fill in offers?

Found too many emails to care about, but this list was nice.

If You Need Phone Numbers To Make Your Own PVAs Then Read This

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 08:44 PM PST

I now have an approved BST thread (link in signature) selling phone numbers that work GREAT for making your own PVA on Craigslist and reverifying them whenever you need without waiting on anyone else.. I can get any area code in the USA and all my numbers are non-sequential and will never be blocked by Craigslist.

Something to think about:

Some other phone number sellers and pva sellers buy phone numbers and obtain say 500 numbers, however they are all sequential so when CL does a sweep they notice that every phone number in a certain block has been used for PVA creation so they just disable all those accounts and block all those phone numbers. This will never happen with the phone numbers I am providing.

Anyways I don't want this to turn into sales thread since I already have one approved so I'm closing this thread, please direct any questions to my official thread located in my signature.

And good luck everyone!

subscribe box + Free Ebook

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 08:41 PM PST

I saw many site and blog show their subscribe box and say if you subscribe then you will get a free Ebook. After subscription I saw they send the link of the Ebook. I just want to know that how they do it?

I also want to do it in my blog. Please help me how I can do it. Tell me the step by steps.

Thanks in advance.

Questions about creating proxies

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 08:23 PM PST

I'm newish to proxy's so please bare with me, I searched but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have a couple dedicated servers with windows server 2008. Dedicated IP's for me are only 99c a month. Is there a way to use those as private proxy's for SB?

A few years ago I ran a proxy site. There was a script on hot scripts that was a proxy site. You went to it typed in your url and my server's Ip showed up instead of yours. It also bypassed all the school/work filters.

I got massive traffic to the site. I didn't know what I was looking at when I read the logs but figured it was hits to the site. I'm thinking perhaps the script allowed you to use my ip as a HTTP proxy for programs. Does this sound correct?

If you can turn your dedicated IP's into private proxy's why don't more people do it?

PM me if you have large US fanpages with alot of male fans!

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:57 PM PST

the title says it all

SEOing Squeeze Pages??

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:54 PM PST

Is it better it to SEO Squeeze pages (creating more rigid copy) for organic traffic or drive traffic to your squeeze from an SEO'd site (thus permitting the freedom to create more engaging copy) ?

Help! I think my site is in trouble...

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:37 PM PST

I've been leaving lots of blog comments for the last week or so with kw anchor text and noticed today that now almost all of my ads are for blogs! Before they were all very relevant to my kw. What happened? Has someone changed my anchor text or something? My site is white hat, but I think I've been snookered.

buy programs or out source?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:29 PM PST

so i have been thinking about scaleing up my micro niche sites income make like 150-$300 a month right now. i know some make that in a day but everybody starts somewhere. anyways i was thinking about either using people on BHW and outsourcing everything like backlinks/article submission/article content/keyword research and this would come out to be about $50 a site. now i would like to make about 100+ sites OR should i just get scrapebox and a keyword resarch tool and im going to have articles written (hardest part for me as you can tell by grammer lol) so would it be worth it to buy these programs or just outsource ? im using the adsense income to make new sites as of now i dont use if for bills or beer just to build my empire bigger :) thoughts? and thanks for the input. btw i run my own business so time is sorta important

ping your scrapebox blasts or no?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:17 PM PST

i do big scrapebox blasts (10k) i want to ping them all instead of waiting. is this bad or no? sandbox? i dont think it will but i want to be sure

Viral FBML Script Really Sick script ! ! !

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:16 PM PST

Well i just found out this page from some dude he made some demo And here it is:

Does any one have this ?
This is fbml script and it does post to 25friends wall :O Amazing !!!

This is the demo page if anybody want to see

facebook . com/pages/Stfu-Save-The-Flying-Unicorns/330183148652

how to get traffic to movie site??

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 07:12 PM PST

whats best ways to get traffic to movie site? i used to do twitter but got tired of remaking accounts. youtube is too saturated. i havent tried facebook yet, dont know how to use that. what else methods?

Earn money by Uploading photos help

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 06:50 PM PST

Can anyone tell me good site which gives money for uploading photos and then as per the view they give the payment?

does anyone here buy plr?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 06:38 PM PST

do you buy plr material?

all the best,


Assorted Cartoon & Muppet Avatars

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 06:24 PM PST

Non non public forum profile for seo purpose

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 06:21 PM PST

same as title, is it worth it ?, or google still count it ?

Articlespinning: Searching for good Editor

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 06:20 PM PST

I would like to write some spinned articles. I don´t need any database for synonyms or autospinning - i do it by myself.

But i need a good editor that where i can make some text bold or italic and where i have at least 2 different type sizes.

Also it should show me the uniqueness factor and should be able to generate tons of articles with one click.

Whats your suggestion?


Bookmarking Demon doubt (need advice)

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 06:13 PM PST

Hi masters!

Need some advice. Or am I doing something wrong, or something is wrong with my pages at all :)

I'm owner of bookmarking demon for a while. Bought it, but never used it. (I can say we didnt understand it at first time).

These days I read something here, something there, and pickup the updated version to try again.

Did some tests with new pages on my ecommerce (un-indexed). I create a new product, and then post it on twitter/facebook (tcharam, google bot came in seconds to leech it). This part, fine.

So, lets go to BD: Got something like 100 sites to bookmark. ~80 got successfully posted, and ping it all. (big ones too - digg/folkd/etc - verified manually by me).

The problem is: doesnt work at all. Google bot wont came from these links to my new product, neither my product got indexed, neither I see these backlinks on webmaster tools from google.

What am I doing wrong? I need to "cloak" and post like 5 random posts with mine included in the middle or something like that? Its really a good thing to ping google and others bots?

If this thing doesnt work now, I'll give up on this.

PS. my domain is PR2, never did SEO on it, 7 years old, with 2000 links indexed of my ecommerce.

Every single help will be very appreciated. Thanks.

One week of this test, and nothing until now.

How many private proxies do you use for Scrapebox?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:48 PM PST

Im looking at purchasing some private proxies to use in scrapebox, but I dont know how many to get. I pretty much only use scrapebox to post comments on auto approved blogs. How many would you recommend and where is the best place to buy them? Im still on a budget so the cheaper the better, and Id like to deal with a member here at BHW. Suggestions?

CPA lead + Facebook Viral

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:46 PM PST

Hello everyone
I am working with cpa lead 1 year
I my earnings are to low 1-2$ /day (working hard!) :(
I see lot of guys are making thousands /day
with cpa lead and facebook

Now I have Tinie's Facebook viral Application
And fan page
But still i dont know how to get money from that
Does any1 have time to help me or to give me some tutorial
PS. I will be happy if I earn 20$ /day (very very happy) :)

Senuke Ping Question ?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:42 PM PST

Hi guys

I'm newbie, I have just bought Senuke. In this, I see pingger function. I don't understand about it.

Can everybody explain to me.

Thanks for sharing.

I have several million email address (opt in) included...targeted niche

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:21 PM PST

I need someone to email the list for me.

How do I go about reaching the various people.

PM me if you can send the list/portion of the list. Will need to see deliverability report such as (inbox, opens, clicks, etc).

Content Cash Cow. Still relevant?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:07 PM PST

I just came across this pdf today and before I invest too much time in it I was wondering if the methods it promotes are outdated?

It says it was written in 2009 so I'm assuming much of these waters have been overfished- just don't know which ones or how much.

FREE FB resources

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:06 PM PST

I am offering for free almost 200 phone verified FB accounts with a few friends in rage of 5 - 50 each, with profile pic and info, all aged, 6 months plus.

These were part from a larger batch I forgot about and I am not using them anymore, last time I checked these accounts were all in good standing but some of them might have been disabled in the meantime, you will have to check.

As a bonus you will get 1 million scraped ID's and 1k profile pictures, all for free.

Now here are the rules:

1. Don't send me any PM about this thread, I will disregard you immediately.

2. Post in this thread that you would like to receive what I am offering for free.

How will it work ?

I will review the posts in this thread in a few hours and I will pick one member who will likely need them the most, I will post his name in this thread and send him all the files via e-mail. Older members with more posts will have priority. I will send them all to one person. Good luck

P.S. Don't you love BHW ?

Need SEO hosting with cheap IPs

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:06 PM PST

I have hosting at and only pay like 1.00 for each extra ip I use on my vps. Is there another good host that has good service and only charges like 1.00 for extra ips. Godaddy is like 3.00 for each ip and SEO hosting is like 7.00 per account.

Softblock Dialup

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 05:02 PM PST

I am trying to use dial up to post but having major soft blocking issues can anyone please PM me a ISP they are successful with. I can't get proxies on all areas and I already have the dial up scripts in place. Thx

Adsense doesn't like popunders - who is next best that does?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:57 PM PST

Hey, I want to try using popunders but don't want to risk adsense account, whats the next best service that allows adds on popunders with basic banner size support?

Wordpress Autoblog Dupe Post Removal???

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:57 PM PST

Several of my wp-robot campaigns accidentally overlapped and now I have a bunch of dupe content on one of my autoblogs. Does anyone have a plugin or other method of removing duplicate posts in wordpress? I found the one posted on BHW a few years ago but I'm not going to install that plugin due to reports of it injecting links into your site. I guess technically I could remove them by hand but I would like to avoid that if possible.

All I do is logon and read the shitlist

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:54 PM PST

Whenever I'm bored and want something to read, I always come on here and look at the shitlist. It's a complete and utter train wreck.

I go to my favorite blogs online and look through celeb rubbish. Then I come here and read the shitlist, it's pretty entertaining to be honest but also sad.

Comments anyone?

Anyone notice pvas going to non-pva?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:49 PM PST

I had like a bunch of pvas go from pva to non-pva... anyone notice this?

Scraping Facebook Status Updates?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:43 PM PST


I was looking to have my blog auto update itself with a company's page's status updates. I haven't been able to find a way to do this with RSS, so is scraping the only way to do this?

Are there any plugins or tools to do this? Any recommendations at all?


Need some help with a facebook competition (if you have an account/accounts)

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:24 PM PST

Simply put, the winner is the person that gets the most people to "like" the page..and post a comment! First place has been awarded, second place announced on Monday! So..could the powers of BHW help me win $200 (worth of supplements, yes Im into bodybuilding and I need these so dearly! :()

If anyone has many accounts and could help, please do post here..reps to those that help! (PM me if you have some accounts that you could use)

1. Login
2. "like" this page -
3. Post the comment "Jack Ck"

..thats all, and again, if you have many accounts and could help, post here!

HUGE thanks, freedom

Low Harvest URL Results in Scrapebox

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:10 PM PST

Inspired by this thread here..and of course past experience with scrapebox I seem to sometimes have no results or very little.

I do custom footprint inspired by the above post. I receive 0 results with scrapebox. If I search this with google get ~7.8 million results?

I am using public proxies.. likely the culprit?

Linking to 2 sites on same host, same IP. Penalty?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:03 PM PST

I have a nice high PR blog list.

I'm posting links from the same blog to a couple domains hosted together on the same host, same IP. Do the links get penalized?

Correlation / compatability trust system

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 04:02 PM PST

I want to market to people on media and social network sites like Criticker, everyonesacritick, and, as i hear Netflix. They use a system of finding people with as similar tastes as possible then aggregating those people's votes and spitting out the result. Just spamming wont work because i need to cozy up to users. Any ideas on how i should make the ratings?

Btw other trust improvements require money, real time or even revealing IRL id and i don't want to do any of this. and josh greenwood

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 03:45 PM PST

I wasnt going to call this guy out on the forum, but it has to be said just in case anyone is thinking about using him. I wont call it a scam, but it might as well be. He claims to never shut you down and that he has bulletproof servers. i dont think i was ever shut down, that is true, but it is because the emails never get pushed out. I had numerous campaigns just sit in the inbox and spin or take 18 hours to put out any portion of the list. While at first it he is very helpful and makes nice, when you start questioning the integrity of his server, he fights back with, "oh, you didnt watch my videos or it is your list or your campaigns are no good" he has an excuse for everything. I ask you, if i have the same lists and same campaigns running on another server that are making it out of the server and making money, then both of those are inaccurate excuses. And the operator is the same on those campaigns that are making money as the campaigns on sendbulkemailnet solution.

I used the system for eight days. why eight days only when i had it for thirty days? Honestly and this is the truth. It is the worst server i have ever used. I spent more time uploading data than putting out campaigns. Uploading data more than campaigns? how is that possible? because like the campaigns timing out the data would time out also. And it isnt every 6 or 7 is every other time.

Basically, he blames you (the customer) for not being email savvy and how it takes years to make money at this. Which i agree if you are a novice it is difficult, but i have been mailing since 2003.

Then i was finding campaigns throughout my domains which i never sent or uploaded, so either he was letting someone else use the server or someone hacked in. Either way, not good. He of course says that i had to of sent them because i was the only one with the password. Well, again, honestly, i hadnt logged onto the system from xmas day till january 5th. there was activity during that time with atleast four campaigns that werent from any of my clients or affiliates.

I could go on and on about how i disliked his server and i am sure he will tell you i was a real...not nice person in some of my emails, but when you spend close to $2k on a server, which is touted by the site owner to be bulletproof, I expect it to do atleast as well as may server i pay $1k for. So yes, i told him what i thought of him and his server when he would repeatably blame me for the server not performing.

I am not going to tell you not to use have to make that decision. i am simply relaying my experience.

Hope this helps.

10 Steps to Higher Inboxing (For Dummies)

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 03:29 PM PST

Here are a few pointers which many people overlook when sending bulk emails. I'm sure you would have heard at least one or two of them before. The more of these you follow and implement in your own campaigns, the higher you should expect your inbox rate to be.

- Send to clean, permission based lists.
- Send consistent volumes (don't have major spikes in the amount of emails you send)
- Use a clear subject line. Stay away from jamming keywords into your subjects.
- Send with the same "From Address"
- Maintain a low complaint rate
- Maintain a low bounce rate.
- Do not send to spam traps.
- Send targeted content.
- Send in bursts/intervals.
- Don't use a keyword spammed domain when sending.
- Correctly format your HTML emails.
- If you are using a VPS or email service, try to get yourself whitelisted in their books.
- If you are sending directly from your computer, talk to your ISP about getting port 25 unblocked.
- Get a dedicated IP, and switch this IP periodically.


I'm Going To $50+ A Day With Clickbank Domination Methodology - Documentation Here

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 03:26 PM PST

This makes me a tad nervous, but I've decided to document my own journey to at least $50 a day with article marketing. While I still have questions and variables in my mind, I am not without good information on how to do this. A little pressure is good.

Honestly $50 is quite arbitrary, and I don't absolutely need it. The real value here is replication - having and applying the mechanics of a real business. Yukinari, if you are reading this, I understand this is the essence of your course. While I acknowledge the usefulness of that, I think the potential benefits of this thread will be supplementary to my own understanding.

I have read a lot on the subject, the most comprehensive of which is Yukinari's course "Clickbank Domination" (Final Cut). SEO for articles is what I believe makes this course different than most, among a few other things.

I feel I am skilled enough at pumping out articles and promoting them according to the parameters set forth in the guide.

My main concern:

Getting a steady influx of keywords for all or most products/markets/networks

I know full-time people need and use a constant supply of keywords, otherwise they could not keep it up this long (with SEO anyway) as an actual business. There should be more than I ever could use, and perhaps I am too analytical in this regard. In the meantime I want to just stick with CB.

I just really try to hard to think of all the ways searchers of a given market express themselves. Software certainly helps with this.

At the same time, I know there are effective ways of promoting articles, so I don't want to throw keywords away just because I don't have a crystal clear reference of how well an article can rank.

I should also say that I really want to get good keywords for my own domains and Web 2.0 properties. Yes, identifying when to use articles, web 2.0 and articles for which keywords is valuable to me. I want to know this for sure, and this is something else I want to know for sure. I am glad to say that I have had success with my own "sniper sites", but more is required.

What I Will Use This Thread For

Nevertheless, I am going to post on this thread once a week or so explaining whatever results I am getting. This will be something of my rankings and any conversions as well as anything else that is useful to include (ie: potential twists on any aspect of domination). 5 articles a day for at least 2 products is what I am going for here in addition to all the obligatory promotion.

DISCLAIMER: Don't evaluate CBD based on anything I say concerning my success or lack thereof. Judge its worth to you by your own impressions.

I intend for this to help others as well as myself.

How to reinstall windows fonts

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 03:25 PM PST

No idea whats happened but it appears as though Ive deleted some of my windows xp default fonts.

Wikipedia looks all weird and so does twitter

Anyone any idea how to fix this?

Making movie database site and legalities.

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 03:09 PM PST

OK, I'm thinking about creating a movie database site similar to IMDb. However, I need to know if I need to gain permissions from movie studios to use the movie synopsis/description, cover/poster image, etc. of the movies on the site? Or, would that be covered by the fair use law? Will I need to right my own movie descriptions of each film?

Also, I would like to be able to make money for promoting the movies at some point (if I can right off the cuff, then great). You know, by signing up with Amazon and Netflix affiliate programs. So, what's the best way to do all of this without getting sued (since everything in the world seems to be copyrighted material)?

Oh, I only mentioned IMDb because it'll give you a better idea of what I'm talking about, but just think an online catalog of movies, not all that other stuff they have on their site.


my google listing highjacked are yours?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 03:00 PM PST

can someone please point me in the right direction can the problem be fixed, what can i do?

my listing in google gets hijacked to hxxp// this is not my site. when you click on my listing a java, php or a ram file pops up asking you to save it or open it. or depending on your security options just installs the java script, this script is not mine. i dont know how it is showing up on my listing.

it must be some malware designed to hijack my commission. how do i stop it?

thanks for your help

Girls Busted For Phony Facebook Pages

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:55 PM PST

Taylor Wynn, 16, she admitted creating two fake Facebook pages “as a joke because she thought it would be funny.” Wynn said she was once friends with the unnamed victim, “but they do not like each other now.” Wynn told probers that a second girl, McKenzie Barker, 15, created the image showing the victim’s head atop the naked body. Wynn reportedly copped to placing a photo of an adult male’s erect penis “by the victim’s face,”

One of the fake pages, which listed 181 friends, included an assortment of disparaging comments, including an “About Me” claim that, “As you may know, I am a huge whore. I love dick so much.”

Should I got for a blog or some actual Micro Niche Websites?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:49 PM PST

Should I go for a blog or some actual Micro Niche Websites?
Well I was thinking to start some micro-niche websites (In Spanish) with a single domain and place each micro-niche in a subfolder. (2 articles, a nice custom adsense html/css theme and thats it) But with a blog it will look the same (URL structure wise) and will be easier to manage.

Anyone knows which will benefit more when ranking the blog or the sub-folders?


.com OR .net

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:47 PM PST

Will one or the other get more attention from google, or does it not really matter?

40 of My Websites - Disappeared from Google COMPLETELY.

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:47 PM PST

Hi Guys,

Today all of my sites completely disappeared from the Face of Google USA, they still appear in Google UK results but no where else on Google at all.

All of the sites were hosted on a UK server with a single IP address I have since moved the critical ones that I rely on my income from to a USA hosting company in hope that it will restore them.

I only had about 5 websites that were not affected these were hosted with friends on USA servers with US IP addresses.

What else could have caused this? I've not done any black hat SEO for months now and I'm pulling my hair out.


Anyone who use this Software here?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:41 PM PST

Multi-Poster 4 – ExtremeCoderz
Any one who has used this software here? I need your review plz

is it worth buying?

can I have ONE gmail account asap?

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:36 PM PST

Hey I was told to get a gmail acct and password so I can send out the mass emails to his phone... regarding my other thread, can someone pm me a gmail and the password?

thanks! all mine are tied to my numbers, no throw aways, thanks!

Need a text editor/software !! Help

Posted: 14 Jan 2011 02:35 PM PST

really basic one but i need some software or an editor that when i put all of my harvested URLs (millions) it will go through the list and take out all the urls that are not needed, like the inurl: command in google. so i can type in keyword like insurance, and it would delete every url in the list without the word insurance
in the URL.
Anyone know of anything ????

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